In honor of the Olympics, the kitchens at Solar Storm Software have produced some recipes that typify Australian Cuisine. Ranging from "Shrimp on the Barbecue" to "Auzzie Damper" bread, these are original recipes suitable for the late season grill or they could be the basis for your own Olympic Dinner!

Grilled Lamb Chops

Take a nice break from your normal diet with this savory Lamb dish that includes a spicy pepper relish.

Mini Meat Pies

The traditional Australian meat pie in muffin size, these make a wonderful protein-rich snack or main dish.

Auzzie Damper

The traditional Australian Damper bread was made to cook over the coals of fires in the Australian Bush. This is a great Barbecue bread made with potatoes, cheese, and spices.

Carpetbag Steak

Australian Surf and Turf; combines Steak and Oysters into portion-sized bundles of flavor ready for the barbecue or broiler.

Shrimp on the Barbecue

Great appetizers or part of your main meal, these spicy, garlic coated shrimp are awesome!

To Load these recipes into Do-It!

1. From the main menu, choose Tools / Recipes.

2. From the Recipes screen choose Internet / Internet Recipe Exchange.

3. On the right half of the screen, choose the category: Australian Favorites.

4. Select the recipes you want by clicking on them with the mouse, and then
click the "Copy from Internet" button.

5. Close the Internet Recipes window, and the recipes are now in Do-It!.

6. Select File / Open to view them.


copyright 2004 Solar Storm Software Inc.