Calorie Counting
an introduction to Calorie Counting
by David Bush
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This article is designed to give you more information about Calorie Counting. Calorie counting is actually pretty easy, especially with a tool like Do-It! to do the math for you.

First off, you will need to have a little bit of background on how your metabolism works.

Donít worry, it is not overly complex, but it is good information to have. The more you know about how your body works, the easier it will be for you to shape it.

There are two pieces to the puzzle that you will need to know about: Your energy metabolism and the nutrition provided by vitamins and minerals.

Note: You might hear your doctor or nutritionist talk about macronutrients and micronutrients. Donít let the words scare you; they are talking about the same thing. Macronutrients are things that provide basic energy, while micronutrients are things like vitamins and minerals that your body needs to work better.

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