Diet and Exercise

Experts agree that diet and exercise are an important part of staying healthy. When you exercise, even if it is just taking a walk, you are giving yourself a powerful tool in getting to your weight goal. Just walking 20 minutes a day can use up a pound of pure fat in a month!

Recent news reports are even saying that exercise alone may be more important to your health in the long run than your percent of body fat!

Sports Nutrition for Athletes

Top athletes know that what you eat affects your performance. As an athlete, you have different nutritional requirements than non-athletes. If you don't eat the right foods and get the right nutrients, your performance can suffer.

Do-It! is the tool to help manage your training diet:
• Get the right fat/carbohydrate/protein ratio for your sport.
• Find out how many vitamins and minerals you are really getting with your diet.
• Need to carbo load? See how many calories you are getting from carbs at a glance
• Need more protein or amino acids for body building? Do-It! will show what you are getting.
• Want to get 'cut' before you start bulking? Take your calories down smoothly with Do-It!

The Right Fuel

In addition to training workouts, a key ingredient to improving one's performance is through diet. Often, when we're focused on intense training for events like a marathon or a bike race, we need to make sure that the fuel that is going into our bodies is adequate and appropriate for our level of exertion. Having the proper sports nutrition, burning calories and having an accurate nutritional analysis is key in keeping your energy level at an optimal level. Monitoring your basal metabolic rate is important as well. Use Do-It! to see at a glance what your fuel sources are:

Your personal Diet and Training Log

DO-IT is a great way to keep historical information on what your dietary intake was over a period of time. See your diet patterns and find out how it affects your performance! Are you burning calories? Is your sports nutrition efficient enough to keep you properly energized? These questions can be answered easily with the diet and exercise log.

Are you getting the vitamins you needs?
Do you have the body fat% of an athlete?
Sports Nutrition includes Water and Vitamin Rich Foods
Diet and Exercise are important to a healty body
Burning Calories is important to weight loss
Get a Nutritional Analysis for you meals
With Do-It!'s built in database, you can find out what is really in the foods you eat.
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