Latest Version: 3.2

Many thanks to all our customers for providing feedback and ideas for improving Do-It!

New features in version 3.2:      (January 23, 2005)
  • Menu Builder A big new feature that lets you plan your daily menus in advance. Also comes with an example week of menus for the five main diet types.
  • Metric Conversion for our non-US customers
  • Customized number of Meals. We have had many requests for tracking 6 meals a day, and now you can do it. You can set the number of daily meals for anywhere from three to six.
  • Type of Diet! This new selection on the Personal Profile tab lets you select the type of diet you are on. This will automatically adjust your daily goals, the daily graphs, and even the displayed nutrients to fit your type of diet.
  • Daily Log Settings window. This new window makes it easier to modify the display of the Daily Log to suit your needs.
  • Meal Notes. Now, in addition to your daily comments, you can keep notes on each meal seperately.
  • Revamped Help file. We have rewritten our help system to make it even easier to understand for the novice user.

    New features in version 3.1:
  • Updated foods list from the USDA (USDA Release 16 ) We now have over 1,000 new foods in the database, for a total of over 8,500 items!
  • New Nutritional Profile page. Show a personalized RDA for vitamins/minerals, and information on each from a nutritionist.
  • New Recipe Exhange window. The new & enhanced internet recipe exchange makes it even easier to get recipes from the Internet

    New features in version 3.0:
  • Updated foods list from the USDA (USDA Release 15 )
  • More foods in the database, now we have over 7,500 items!
  • Graphs!! Pre-built and customizeable graphs let you plot all your food and energy info.
  • Expanded Daily Summary Display. You can now choose from 5 different display styles that summarize your daily intake. Includes summaries for:
    Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, American Heart Association, and more!
  • Built in support for Weight Watchers points. Do-It! will do all the calculations for you.
  • New Print feature on the calendar so you can see your month at a glance.
  • Daily tracking of body measurements
  • Expanded exercise list
  • New Display tab lets you more easily customize the Display to make it fit your dieting goals
  • Quick Change buttons for customization right on the Daily Log .
  • New Tools tab organizes tools for easier access

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