You can purchase/register Do-It! online through the Solar Storm Store.

When you register Do-It!, you will receive an unlock code. Enter this unlock code into your trial version, and all the features of Do-It! will be enabled.

Note:  When you buy Do-It!, there are no monthly or yearly fees: you buy it, you own it.

Price List
Do-It! version 3.2    $39.95
(optional) CD, includes free shipping!    $15.00
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Note on CD:  What is on the CD?. The CD is an optional add-on that gives you a physical copy of what you download. There is no requirement to get the CD; but some people like to have a physical copy.

Register today to get these benefits
  • Full, unrestricted food database
  • Printing will be enabled
  • Pre-built and custom Graphs
  • Add Vitamins and Minerals to the displayed nutrients
  • Customize diet goals (such as calories per day and fat/carb/prot percents)
  • Change display to show the nutrients you are interested in
  • Support for Multiple Users (everyone in your house can use the same program)
  • Change your weight loss goal past the 1 pound limit per week
  • Add and delete recipes
  • Exchange recipes with other Do-It! users on the Internet

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