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    Do-It! makes a Nutritional Label for each recipe!
    Food Recipes

    You can do a Nutritional Analysis of your favorite diet recipe:

    Have a favorite recipe, but don't know how many calories are in it? Just enter your recipe into Do-It! and find out how many calories, how much fat, and more!

    Using Do-It!, you can see how small changes in your recipe can pay off in saved calories!

    Example: Have a chicken recipe? Use Do-It! and see how many calories you save by browning the chicken in vegetable oil instead of butter.

    Here is a screen shot from Do-It!
    (the Recipe window):

      Analyze Recipes, all your Favorite Diet Recipes

    The Chef's Friend

    The recipe builder in Do-It! can be very useful to the chef in your family. By simply changing the 'Scale' of a recipe, all ingredients in the recipe will automatically change their measures to fit the number of servings you want.

    Say you have a recipe for 'Chicken Recipe with Noodles' that serves 2 people, but you expect company. Just change the scale on the recipe to '4', and you can instantly see how much chicken, noodles, and other ingredients you will need.


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