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Do-It! is a software program for PCs. It gives you tools that can make your diet easier.

By combining a food database, a daily log, BMI formula, and many other tools, Do-It! gives you better insight into your diet and nutrition.

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 How does Do-It! work?
When you first use Do-It!, you enter some basic information like your height, weight, activity level, and diet goals.

Do-It! then uses your profile and your goals to calculate specific diet goals for you. You'll get feedback each day against these goals that is easy to understand so that you can keep on course!

The calorie guide and other nutritional calculators make it easier to keep a handle on your diet, and provide you with a clear goal each day.

    find your body fat percent

   Customize the Nutritional Analysis
you can select the nutritional information that you are interested in

Feature List
----- Discover Where You Are At -----
  • Find out how many calories you need each day
  • Find out your body fat percent
  • Find out your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • See at a glance if you need vitamin and mineral supplements
    ----- Easy Food Database -----
  • 8,500 + food items
  • 55 nutrients
  • Our food list has been extensively edited for easy readability
  • Expandable: you can add to the food database
  • Can be accessed by food group or by searching for key words.
    ----- For Different Diets -----
  • Works with Weight Watchers, Atkins, and the Zone
  • Set your own target weight
  • Choose how fast you want to loose weight
  • The type of diet you use is up to you
    === Summary Graphs ===
  • Make it easy to see where you are at
  • Cal-Meter shows you were you are heading: weight gain or weight loss.
    ----- Track Your Energy -----
  • Find out how many calories you need each day
  • Selectable levels of exercise to complement your diet
  • Daily food intake is broken down into meals for easy analysis
  • Shows caloric breakdown (fat/carbohydrates/protein) by grams, calories, or percent of total calories
  • See at glance how your energy balance (plus or minus calories) is for the day
    ----- Recipe Manager -----
  • Enter your own recipes and paste them into your daily log
  • Analyses recipes for calorie and nutrition
  • Recipes scale easily! Just change the # of servings and all ingredients will be scaled for you
  • Share your recipes with others over the Internet
    ----- And More -----
  • Multi-User: can be used individually by everyone in your household
  • In-depth help to help you use every feature in Do-It!
  • Easily copy meals from day to day for fast data entry
  • Customize what nutritional information is shown so you only see the fields you want.

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