Complete Food Database with Diet and Nutrition Information

  Calorie Counting
  Counting calories is a proven method of controlling your weight. By watching the calories you eat and the energy you use, you can get a handle on your weight.

For more information on calorie counting, see our introductory guide:
Calorie Counting

  Online Food Database
  How many calories are in that hamburger you are eating? Our food database contains the answer to this as well as 8,500+ other foods, and complete nutritional information for each food.

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Food to Search For:
Search Tip: Searches work well if you just enter the first 4 characters of the food (i.e.: "chic" instead of "chicken")

  Our Product
  A food database is one of the many tools our product offers to help with your diet. More information: Do-It! 3.2

Our software Do-It! installs on your PC desktop and gives you some great dieting tools:
  • find out your BMI
  • how many calories per day do you use?
  • the complete 8500 item food database
  • exercise database
  • daily log for the foods you eat
  • graphs
  • nutritional analysis for recipes

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