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  • Our Online Food Database
  • Article on Calorie Counting
  • How to Use Do-It! (our Help File)

    Listed below are some additional resources and links that you may find helpful. Please understand that the list is not intended to be viewed as an endorsement of a given diet plan or resource by Do-It! or Solar Storm Software.

    Dietary Guidelines
    USDA: Dietary Guildeline for Americans
    American Heart Association: Dietary Guidelines

    Losing Weight
    Guidelines for successful weight loss
    About Weight Loss

    Fad Diets
    Review of Fad Diets
    How to spot a dubious diet book
    One of the better Diets

    Dietary Information
    What is Fat?
    Light-hearted review of Vitamins and what they do
    Fast Food Calorie Database

    Does ice water burn calories?
    How many calories do you use per day?
    Recipes from the American Heart Association

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