Do-It! Help:      Table of Contents

Getting Started
    Step 1: Enter your personal information
    Step 2: Review your diet plan
    Step 3: Record your daily food intake
    Step 4: Record your exercise and weight

Daily Usage
    Copy and Paste Features
    Working with the Food Database
    Changing the Daily Log display
    Changing your Diet Goals

Inside Do-It!
    Energy: Where weight comes from
    The Food Database
    Body Fat Formulas
    Basal Metabolism Formulas
    Exercise Formulas
    The USRDA

Getting an Unlock Code
    Over the Internet
    by Check or Money Order
    Introduction to Recipes
    Adding a recipe
    Scaling a recipe
    Get recipes from the Internet
    Share your recipes with others

    Basic menu navigation
    Creating a new menu
    Adding foods to a menu
    Copying a menu to the daily log

    Viewing Graphs
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