Diet Software for Weight Loss
Do-It! Features
** for Windows 95
to XP
** fast data entry
** 8,500 Food item database
** Daily summary graphs
** Fat/Carb/Protein breakdown
** Personalized Vitamin/Mineral requirements
** Complete recipes analysis
** Exercise calorie database
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Introducing: Do-It!

Do-It! is the premiere software program for calorie counting and keeping a food diary.

Do-It! makes managing your diet easy! Enter the foods you eat and Do-It! automatically calculates 55 different nutritional items.

Keep track of more than just calories, you also get fat grams, cholesterol, sodium, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more.

Do-It! is a set of Power Tools for Dieters. From calculating your body fat, to setting diet goals, to tracking recipes, these are the tools you need to succeed.
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Do-It! software takes the
guess work out of nutrition.

New to Calorie Counting? Take a look at this free information page: Calorie Counting

You need accurate nutritional information to be successful. There are over 8,500 foods in our food database: Food Database

Easier meal prep
with our recipe database.

Our recipe file keeps getting bigger making Do-It! a more valued part of your active lifestyle. Check out what's new and add it to your digital kitchen.

Our Recipe Module

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